Our Process

When we first talk with new companies, they always ask how we plan to onboard their account. So, here’s how we do it.


AK Inbound prides itself on a thoroughly vetted and established methodology that drives continuous results. When we take on a PPC management account, we start with requesting the client to hop on a phone call for an in-depth info session. Not only covering all the necessary info needed for successful PPC management but also a full understanding of your business and its current market position. We are more than just PPC managers, we are digital solutions experts who leverage over ten years of experience to offer businesses the best.


We begin by evaluating the current health of the PPC account we are managing. Through years of analyzing accounts, AK Inbound has designed a system for PPC account audit. This audit helps illuminate light on the low hanging fruit currently available, as well as provide insight on potential red flags. We go into as much detail as possible to learn as much as we can from past performance, which provides benchmark KPIs that we use as a baseline.​


Every new client receives a launch meeting that gives a chance for thier full team to review our strategy, timeline, and walk through each step of the setup process.

Step 4: Keyword Research

If we are running a search campaign, our next step is to conduct keyword research (structured around any missing opportunities found when conducting our audit). We modify our proposed new keyword list down into various groups, which is submitted back to the client for approval before deploying the keywords into the currently running campaign.

Step 5: Account Setup/Restructuring

These steps are comprised of optimizing all the numerous account settings, such as:
- Campaign setup
- Ad Group setup
- Ad Copywriting & Testing setup
- Match Type setup
- Extensions setup
- Bids setup
- Goal Tracking setup
- Call Tracking
- Ad Design (for display and remarketing campaigns)
- Negative Keywords setup
- Audience/In Market Targeting setup

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Step 6: Ad Writing

Formulating the right PPC media is a balance of art and science. PPC media ads need to demonstrate a strong, yet informative and direct message that engages potential customers. AK Inbound is a team of experienced media writers who just have also been writing PPC ads for years. We regularly deploy many A/B test's that provide valuable data that will help us determine what works for your business and what doesnt.​


When it comes to display ad campaigns, AK Inbound will create various ascents of ads in the chosen ad platform and recommended ad size dimensions. Our ads are created through a uniquely developed content marketing process that drives user engagement.

Step 8: Landing Page Setup

The media ads are only half of the equation. For PPC management to be successful, ads need to drive users to a landing page where they will. AK Inbound write, design, and implement responsive landing pages for your PPC campaigns. Leveraging our Landing page formula. to ensure conversions happen at every stage of your market funnel.

Step 9: Reporting process implementation

AK Inbound develops personalized email reporting. To begin, AK Inbound imports in all historical data and key data, which is then compiled into a weekly email. AK inbound presents the data in an easy to understand story, that shines light your business potential opportunities and pitfalls. We pride ourselves on reporting transparent and insightful metrics as to ensure every ounce of value is pulled out of the work we do. Although you can view your metrics at any time you want since you have full access to the account.

Step 10: Weekly Calls/Meetings Scheduled

We are in continuous communication with our clients about the current situation of their PPC campaigns. We schedule weekly (or monthly) calls/meetings to provide key status updates. The size of the campaign and budget will determine if a weekly check-in is required, a monthly check-in will do, or even in some cases bi-monthly check-ins.

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